The Lord Reigns

This month of August is indeed the time for New Beginnings in our lives and in the Kingdom Church it is the time to experience the presence of God. Just like Moses we lay hold on the Goodness of God in every area of our lives: we are the people whom The Lord has blessed in the name of Jesus (Isaiah 61:9)

It is amazing to see how our God as our members would say “THE GOD OF BISHOP CLIMATE” is moving in our midst. The testimonies we hear over the past few weeks shows how much God magnifies his anointing on the prophet of God in the eyes of his people. (Joshua 3:7)

In the book of Joshua; we see that when Joshua instructed the people; they responded to say whatever he told them to do they would do it. That they would stand behind him just as they had done with Moses. We should all learn from the children of Israel that as long as we stand with our man of God; as long as we remain faithful to the vision of TKC ; there is nothing too hard for God to do in our lives.

The children of Israel relied upon their leader to give them their God-­-given instructions that would guarantee their success. Likewise we have seen that the people who returned with great testimonies are those who followed every instruction from Dr. Climate. Yes they came back rejoicing because they took the instructions and put them into practice.

Some testimonies we have celebrated:

From successful completion of complex studies. Recent graduate receive top job in the bank. Money miracles, miraculous healing, status, promotions, business breakthrough, relationship breakthrough, restoration and much, much more. Yours is coming too.

People who sit in judgement of the principles behind every doctrine can never advance beyond the information flow they are willing to receive. Neither can they ever advance beyond their last point of obedience. It is good to have a teachable spirit and to pursue the wisdom of God as he speaks through his prophet.

The weekend services were great; the wisdom that went forth from the word as they were taught was wonderful. It was also a weekend that shows the good teamwork among our leaders. Leaders who are running with the vision of TKC as God gave to Archbishop Dr Climate and First Lady -­-Dr Jennifer. Leaders who gets imparted as they tap into the anointing on the man and woman of God. Yes we are the people whom God has chosen to show forth his miracles at such a time as this.

There are so many teachings to get you up-­-to-­-date, so many anointed produced to get you into your New Beginnings this month. Just Call our prayer line or visit our Online bookstore: then you can claim that as a member of TKC “I am wealthy, healthy and wise”

I see New Doors opening to you in Jesus name.

Prophetess Beryl


Remember we are on a New Schedule: Our Sunday Leadership meeting Now Starts at its new time of 10AM.

I would to take this opportunity again to thank God for your life. As apart of the TKC Vision for 2015 is to Introduce NEW church Service Times.

  • Morning Glory prayers 8-9AM
  • Personal Prophetic Hour with Bishop Climate 9-10AM
  • Leaders meeting 10:00AM – 10:30AM
  • Super Sunday Family Word Service 10:30AM – 1PM
  • Prophetic Miracle Anointing Service 2PM to 4:30PM

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