Midnight Express


Midnight Express

Join us everyday at 12AM for our Midnight Express special services

Join us everyday at 12AM, Discover signs on how you can identify demonic attacks in your life and receive prayer to overcome every oppression of the enemy. Experience freedom….once and for all!

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What is 12Am Midnight Express?

Midnight Express is a special hour of prayer and deliverance. This is a express prayer service filled with power packed prayer points that is directed each day by The Man of God Bishop Climate or our Senior and Resident Pastor here at The Kingdom Church. Midnight prayer service is on every day to suit the needs to different areas of your life. As you attend Midnight express come with a prayer request and lay it down on the altar as you will be led through different prayers to victory!

Why Midnight Express?

With the world constantly changing everyday it can get harder and harder to fit in time to actively pray and get results. Join with us here at The Kingdom Church for Midnight Express! Come and experience the awesome power of God everyday 12AM – 1AM! Just for one hour you can experience an abundance of blessings in different areas of your life.

The Midnight Express Process

The word of God tells us that the burdens shall be removed and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing (Isaiah 10:27).


Powerful prayer to break every spirit of rejection, every negative element assigned to block your progress; Cancelling every demonic assignment of devil agents over your application.


Powerful Prayers to lay the foundation for you to excel in your business/career. for financial breakthrough, prayers to get out of debt, unemployment, problems at work, failing business, permanent job position and promotion. Prayers to break demonic strongholds over your finances


Facing an incurable sickness? have your loved ones been diagnosed with life threatening disease or sickness come and stand on their behalf; Prayer for spiritual restoration, to get a fresh touch; or to get filled with the Holy Spirit. Powerful prayer for impossible cases, to destroy witchcraft; For deliverance from fear, bad dreams, spiritual problems; Breaking haunting spirits. Powerful prayer to remove the spirit of lust, addiction bitterness and all other spiritual attacks.


Powerful prayers for family and relationship breakthrough; to break generational curses; for blessing the fruit of the womb; to break the spirit of singleness, for salvation, healing, unity, love and intimacy in your family and your marriage. For God’s intervention in divorce, separation, rejection and hurt. For excellence within your children. Bring photographs and names of your family to be prayed for.


Ministration through the word of God to pray against and bind evil powers; powerful prayer and individual ministration for healing


Prayer to break and destroy demonic powers over our lives and church, To break free from demonic assignment and demonic attacks and release the spirit of security over our lives, family and our children’s lives. bring photographs, and names of your family to be prayed for. Powerful prayers to break generational curses, and building up strong defence by surrounding ourselves with the word of God.


Powerful confessions for abundance and increase, Prayer to take authority over witchcraft attacks, confessing the peace of God and Prosperity over your life, Family and church, For success and victory in every area over your life.

Here are some More Testimonies From The Midnight Express Service !

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F.S , London

Midnight Express service

I came to the Midnight Express service as I was having persistent bad dreams. After attending deliverance the bad dreams are now over and I thank God for giving me peaceful sleep!

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M.D, London

Midnight Express

Bishop was sharing during 3am service about monitoring spirits and how they’re active between the hours of 3-4am. The following day as I was sleeping I was woken up at 3am. I looked outside and saw two women whispering outside my house trying to come in. When I saw them I started to apply the teachings and prayerfully cover my house in the blood of Jesus and bind them. Once they saw me they fled. I thank God for the anointing that’s on the man of God’s Life.