Bishop Climate

Bishop Climate

Bishop Climate Irungu

Bishop Climate is the Bishop of The Kingdom Church and the founder and head of today’s most powerful deliverance ministry in the world. He is also an Author of over about 16 books, and over 3000 audio books. There are thousands of documented testimonies of people who have been healed, delivered by just only reading and hearing his teachings.

Many years ago, God delivered him off the streets of London, England from a life of alcohol and drug addiction, street fights and gang life. After powerful encounter with God he was transformed and God anointed him with special Powers of the Holy Spirit to set the captives free.

God has confirmed Bishop Climate with a worldwide ministry through powerful signs and wonders. God has given him the anointing of healing, prophecy, and prosperity; enabling him with a special mandate to set the captives free. Throughout the years powerful miracles have been witnessed and testified of which God has wrought through the hands of Bishop Climate.

These include restoration of hearing and sight, people being raised from the dead, disappearance of cancerous growths, recovery from mental sickness and instant healing of people diagnosed with AIDS and TB.

Thousands of people have been set free from bondage of marriage failure, financial failure and demonic attacks including witchcraft. Bishop Climate Ministries has become a safe haven of peace and restoration in a world of chaos. People from all walks of life including some of todays most sought out corporate leaders seek spiritual guidance from Bishop Climate.

His ministry continues to provide spiritual, financial, emotional, and physical healing as it inspires and builds faith in Christ Jesus. Evidence of this can be seen daily on his television & radio programs, which are aired worldwide.

Bishop Climate holds Doctorate Degree in religious philosophy and he is the Bishop of The Kingdom Church based in the UK with a partnership of 10000+ and branches all over Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and the Caribbean.

As a result, today Bishop Climate walks in a powerful undeniable anointing of healing, miracles and deliverance. Thousands testify weekly of powerful miracles taking place in their life as a result of his prayers and deliverance services.

Bishop Climate is an innovator, always coming up with things nobody has seen. With revelation fresh from heaven, thousands travel yearly from all over the world to attend his special services, receive powerful healings & tap into the mantle of wisdom that God has graciously bestowed upon him.

Bishop Climate is married to Dr Jennifer Irungu. Together they have two children, Summer and Climate II (Junior).