Read all about it! Our Testimonies are seen and heard here at The Kingdom Church and sent in worldwide to Bishop Climate Ministries. Read all about the many miracles that people have experienced and celebrate these testimonies with us. And as you read these testimonies pouring in may the Lord use them to extend your Faith so that the same can be done for you! In Jesus Name Amen.

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Ms N.P, Essex

I applied for a job in Buckingham Palace, even though I had no experience in this role. I came to the anointing of feet Sunday service and anointed my feet I believed God that this job was for me. Since the service I attended the interview and they said they would contact me within two weeks. The day after my interview I received an email from them saying that I got the job!

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S.M, London

After attending the Anointing of the Hands Service at The Kingdom Church with Bishop Climate the Man of God spoke a prophetic word for everyone to say over themselves, “I am a Money Magnet”. I followed the instructions and made the declaration as I was anointing my hands. A few days later I was contacted by one of the PPI companies and was told that I had some PPI to claim back. I was shocked as I had previously not claimed for anything and did not know about it. I received the forms, filled them in and sent them back to the company. Since then I received a lump sum cheque and now that money is now looking for me!

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When I first came to this ministry, I was confused and stressed with severe migraine headaches. God has been giving me so much strength through the teachings and school of Healing and Deliverance, Now I no longer have headaches and no longer feel confused.

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F.S , London

Midnight Express service

I came to the Midnight Express service as I was having persistent bad dreams. After attending deliverance the bad dreams are now over and I thank God for giving me peaceful sleep!

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M.D, London

Midnight Express

Bishop was sharing during 3am service about monitoring spirits and how they’re active between the hours of 3-4am. The following day as I was sleeping I was woken up at 3am. I looked outside and saw two women whispering outside my house trying to come in. When I saw them I started to apply the teachings and prayerfully cover my house in the blood of Jesus and bind them. Once they saw me they fled. I thank God for the anointing that’s on the man of God’s Life.

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M.S, North London


During the week I was coughing constantly. I was given a prescription but never took the medication. I came to the Healing and Miracle Service and it was so powerful. The anointing came all over my body. The man of God came to the back of the church and laid his hands on me. The following morning I woke up and all the coughing and all the aches and pains have gone I’m Healed!

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Ms Leah, Ireland


During the Healing and Miracle Service, I was in so much pain I wasn’t feeling well I had an intense stomach pain, it was so painful I could hardly move or talk so I went to the altar and laid down and instantly my stomach pain was gone and I was healed right there and then!

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J.C – London

Removed Mask Of Rejection & Now Has Face Of Favour!

I was unemployed for 3 years. I attended the deliverance and Bishop anointed my face and spoke a prophetic word over me to remove the mask of rejection and uselessness that was in my life. After attending the service a couple of months ago I went back home. When I arrived I had two companies offering me a job and I now have a choice of which one to choose from! WOW FAVOUR!

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N.M – London

Many Favours Since Walking Into The Miracle Pool

I went to the miracle pool last year. I had exams and assignments and bought my university documents and dipped it into The Miracle pool and since that day I walked in favour every day of that month. Many things were happening in my brother’s life. He was an illegal immigrant for seven years. I was trying to encourage him to sort out his documents but the spirit of fear gripped him. I also used his photo and dipped it into the pool also and now he’s got indefinite stay to remain!

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A.S – London

Automatic Miracle!!!

My sister in America her Visa needed renewing. I advised my sister and told her what to do and for her to give me the documents to bring to Bishop Climate, the man of God prayed over them and then I sent them back to my sister with the miracle carpet and The Miracle Pack. I told her not to remove The Miracle Carpet until you take them to the immigration office. Also I told her to sprinkle the documents with Miracle salt and water from The Miracle Pack. The following week Bishop was preaching about receiving Automatic Victory the next day my sister called me and said she had received her extended Visa and before she received the Visa she got a New job! Amen! God is good!

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