Super Sunday Services

Super Sunday Services

Super Sunday Services

The Kingdom Church offers a wide range of services on Sunday that can fit to your lifestyle to help you be the best you can be in Christ!

Join us and discover our Super Sunday Services:

11AM: Family Word Service – is spiritual growth your purpose? Do you want to live a successful and winning lifestyle? Invest in your life and listen to key principles of the Word, being taught so you can grow and glow spiritually!

3PM: Prophetic Miracle Service – Are you believing God for a quick breakthrough? A personal word of knowledge? Do you want to face Monday in high gear, full of energy and power? Are you looking for a quick impartation? Then this service is for you!

Here Are Some Testimonies From Attending our Super Sunday Services!

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Ms J, UK

After attending the Sunday morning Family Word service I received a word of Knowledge about the 4 faces of Humility. During the week a bailiff came knocking at my door and all I did was smile at the man who was sent to collect some of the things. I had so much peace I was calm about everything. I opened the door wide for them to come in the man didn’t fully understand what was going on that he ended up asking me Do you know who i am? I kept on smiling until the man just wrote down some details and left without taking anything! I even called about the case and was told that the charges were dropped! These Sunday morning teachings are powerful!

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M.F, South London

During the powerful Prophetic Miracle service, the man of God advised people to sow a seed of £37 I only had 7 pounds in my pocket but decided that I was going to make a vow. When I got the envelope and went into my pocket to look for a pen I found £30 inside my pocket! I was so shocked because I know that that money was not there earlier. I took the £7 and the miracle £30 and sowed my seed! I know that this special seed will be activated over my life!

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