History of the Church

History of the Church

History of the Church

God has confirmed Bishop Climate with a worldwide ministry through powerful signs and wonders. Through the small beginnings in Edinburgh, the power of God upon this ministry was to spread from Scotland to England to Europe and then to all continents of the world. Sure enough, in less than a year it became clear that this was God’s divine calling upon his life and He would make it happen. WCCC, the ministries former name, became the first church in Scotland to own its own Television Network, airing daily on National TV. The ministry quickly became a source of hope and refuge to many seeking for healing & deliverance.

They opened up a fellowship in Leith Academy in Edinburgh and then on to the Former St. Paul’s Church in Lorne Street. At this point the ministry began to grow rapidly, becoming the launching pad for many pioneering events in the country. The ministry would soon see the manifestations of their first live TV program; their first Europe Crusade; their first missions to Africa; their first satellite in Glasgow. Surely, the prophecy was unfolding before their eyes. Branches in Africa began to be established while at the same time pressing forward in the UK. WCCC began opening branches in London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Milton Keynes, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, and Pakistan.

In 2005, WCCC became a member of Trans-Atlantic Pacific Alliance of Churches (TAPAC). That year Bishop Climate made history, ordained as the youngest bishop ever to be ordained in the UK. By the year 2009, WCCC changed its name to line up with the vision; The Kingdom Church, taking on its new slogan “the place where the captives are set free”.

Now Bishop Climate is the Bishop of The Kingdom Church based in the UK with a partnership of 10,000+ and branches all over Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Bishop Climate holds a doctorate Degree in religious philosophy and with a powerful anointing of healing, prophecy, and prosperity, God has enabled him with a special mandate to set the captives free. People from all walks of life including some of today’s most sought out corporate leaders seek spiritual guidance from Bishop Climate. His ministry continues to provide spiritual, financial, emotional and physical healing as it inspires and builds faith in Christ Jesus. Evidence of this can be seen daily on his television & Radio programs which are aired worldwide. Throughout the years, powerful miracles have been witnessed and testified, these include restoration of hearing & sight, people being raised from the dead, disappearance of cancerous growths, recovery from mental sickness, and instant healing of people diagnosed with AIDS and TB. Thousands of people have been set free from bondage of marriage failure, financial failure and demonic attacks including witchcraft. Bishop Climate Ministries has become a safe haven of peace and restoration in a world of chaos.The Kingdom Church continues to press on with hopeful plans for advancement. In 2011, they opened up their first office in North America now located in Toronto, Canada.

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